Flight Volunteers

Flight Volunteers Needed!

Help Rescue a Dog Just By Taking the Same Trip You Were Already Planning On at No Additional Cost!

Take your trip – and help get a dog to their furever home!  All you need to do is arrive at your departure airport 30 minutes earlier. We handle customs, additional fees and porter tips. The dog travels on your ticket as excess baggage.  Without flight volunteers, our international rescue dogs are unable to obtain their freedom flight to the U.S. to enjoy their furever homes.

Retriever Rescue Las Vegas Flight TransportWe can rescue the dogs and get them to safety overseas; get them medical attention and into boarding; find them homes or fosters and change their story from one of fighting for survival to living happily ever after – but without a flight volunteer they remain in boarding facilities, unable to begin their new lives here in the U.S.

Currently there are many dogs waiting for a flight and we as rescuers are stuck praying the furbaby remains safe while we search for a hero to fly with them to the U.S. There are many flights filled with passengers arriving to the U.S. but sadly many people either are unaware of the need, they don’t understand how easy it is to do, or they simply feel that dogs are not safe or sanitary and they prefer to avoid helping them.

Flight volunteering is really quite easy!  We take care of everything for you – the additional baggage fee(s) and tips for the porters. You will provide your ticket information, passport, phone number and address for customs approximately a week prior to your flight.  On the day of your flight, a rescuer will bring the animal to the airport, meet you there prior to your flight and check the animal in. We have all the furbabies health records, USDA permit and vet records. The dog is checked in as an extra baggage. There is no work or expense on your part. We also have a customs broker to be sure arrival is a smooth process.

Retriever Rescue Las Vegas Flight TransportUpon arriving at your destination airport arrival hall, you will be met by Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas. You will see the dog(s) on the cart near baggage claim as they were checked in as extra baggage. You can use a porter to assist you with the cart. Just walk out of the gate and RRLV/receiver of the dogs will meet you at the gate. That’s it! Please don’t forget to take a few photos.

Thank you for taking a closer look at understanding what it means to become a flight buddy volunteer. Without flight volunteers, our international rescue dogs are unable to obtain their freedom flight to the U.S. to enjoy their furever homes.  Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you are a huge part of saving their lives and getting them to their furever happiness. Thank you for helping us save lives – you are a HERO!

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