Foster A Rescue Dog

Foster a Dog and Save a Life!

What’s so great about fostering a dog?  You can help save scared dogs lives!

  • Fostering gives a dog a second chance at life.
  • Fostering a dog is a wonderful, life-affirming project for the entire family (although singles and couples can foster, too, of course).
  • Fostering a dog costs next to nothing.
  • Fostering a dog is fun.
  • Fostering a dog is very rewarding.
  • Fostering a dog can take place whenever you are ready.
  • Fostering a dog offers the company of a furbaby to those unable to make a long-term commitment or that just want to help save lives.
  • Why do we need fosters so badly:
    • Many of our furbabies come from dog meat farms and are traumatized so they need to know human love before they are ready for a furever family.
    • Many of our Furbabies have never been inside and need basic manners and training before ready for a furever home.
    • Some of our Furbabies need medical treatment before they are ready to go to their Furever homes.
    • Some we are unsure of their full personalities because they have been through so much and need a quiet safe place to learn love.
  • The most obvious benefit of fostering is the emotional reward. … Make no mistake: You’re saving a dog’s life by fostering them. You’re helping them get ready for adoption, whether they need development in their social skills or experience being in a home.

We supply everything the Furbaby needs during his/her stay with their foster Mommy/Daddy. Including: Crate, food, bowls, wee wee pads, leashes/collars, toys, medication, etc…

Foster Qualifications

To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, the cooperation of your family or roommates, flexibility, and some knowledge of animal behavior.

The length of time a foster pet may stay in your home varies with the animal’s situation. Some pets take longer to find homes for, so we ask that you are willing to foster the pet until he/she is adopted. 

We may ask you to be able and willing to transport your foster to and from vet appointments, training sessions, and meet and greets upon request.

Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas (RRLV) will conduct a home visit prior to you receiving your first foster pet. You must pass the home inspection in order to start fostering a RRLV pet.

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