About Retriever Rescue Lodge

Retriever Rescue Lodge (#RRLodge) is our newest investment to ensure the safety of our rescues in South Korea. Our dogs in South Korea need more than just rescuing; they require vet care, housing and transport. Our new facility, Retriever Rescue Lodge, #RRLodge, provides this for them. We needed a safe place for them to stay indoors as previous large dogs facilities were mainly outdoors until they could travel. With our rescues already in a weak state we made the decision to rent out a space and build The Lodge.

This came at a great cost to build it correctly, roughly $30,000. This doesn’t include the monthly operating costs; this was just to get The Lodge up and going.

Our rescues can be targets for evil as well as the extreme temperatures faced in the summer and winter in South Korea. The Lodge has everything they need to survive while getting healthy and waiting on their freedom flights to Las Vegas. We are doing this in conjunction with our rescue partners, Retriever Rescue of Korea.

We have to offer our furbabies everything we can after they are rescued which includes a safe place to lay their heads. Our Lodge offers 24 hours security cameras inside and out, suites for each furbaby, indoor and outdoor playroom, bathing station, food, and constant love!

We rely solely on our donors and are 100% volunteer operation. Our costs for each rescue without the Lodge is around $1,000 and with adoption donations only $500 per baby we easily get behind without this added cost. However we feel it is the least we can do for these innocent souls. Please consider supporting our mission to end animal cruelty worldwide as we can’t save them all but we can make a difference.

You can make a direct donation or participate in our online auction. 100% of the proceeds will go to rescuing dogs, paying for monthly supplies and upkeep, as well as pay off the cost of building out the Lodge. 

Our furbabies thank you all.