Rescuing Retrievers – Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t rescue without Volunteers, Fosters and Furever Families. Please note we don’t post the photos of many of our rescues available for adoption. We try and secure a foster or furever family prior to their arrival and it isn’t safe for their photos to be online. It is important to contact us for an application so we can share possible matches privately.

Why are you rescuing dogs from overseas Korea, China, Turkey and other countries?

There are many extremely mistreated dogs in these countries. Because there are limited resources in these countries, dogs either live out a short life in a meat market or spend their short lives in fear. Retrievers are targets for the meat market industry. Mainly because they won’t fight back and their survival depends on people helping them. In some countries such as Korea and China, they are tortured, made to suffer and slaughtered in the most inhumane way possible. Hundreds of volunteers in several countries are contacting us to rescue these dogs because they want a better life for these dogs. They work with us to make this happen.

What type of medical care do they receive before arriving in the United States?

They receive basic medical care during a quarantine time period, including rabies vaccines, Vanguard 5 vaccines and all required travel vaccines. They don’t receive much specialty care, so we see some orthopedic, dental or skin issues that require treatment once the dogs arrive.

How are the dogs chosen to be sent to America?

First we receive photos of the dogs needing to be rescued ASAP and we cry. Step two is to raise the money to get the dogs vetted and into boarding. Then prior to travel, we secure homes for each dog. The dogs that have furever homes waiting and have been through their vaccines and quarantine period get top priority to get them to safety. RRLV does not have a facility or shelter and is forced to pay for boarding overseas until a foster or foster family is found. Our Fosters are critical to our rescuing efforts.

Why aren’t they quarantined when they arrive?

The dogs are quarantined prior to leaving their country of origin, where they are vetted and receive their health certificates and passports. The U.S. does not have a quarantine period, however, the dogs must have the proper documentation and must be cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection upon their arrival in the U.S.

How are they transported to the U.S.?

Retrievers are larger breeds and therefore cannot travel in the airplane cabin. They travel by airplane as cargo weather permitting.

What happens after they arrive in the U.S.? Are they vetted or temperament tested?

Once in the U.S., we assist the foster or furever family in finding a vet for their wellness exams, blood work and fecal tests, as well as additional vaccines if needed. Each dog is also evaluated by RRLV to determine what they know and don’t know, such as if they are friendly with children, other pets, etc. They all need basic training.

How much does it cost to bring the dogs here and how do you pay for it?

On average it costs $1,000 to save an international Retriever. Our cost prior to their arrival includes the rescue, vetting, boarding, health certificates and vaccines. The costs vary per dog; generally in the range of $800-$1,400. 100% of donations we receive go to the rescue of the dogs. Our adoption donation fee of $500 covers about half the cost for each dog.

Why don’t you post photos online of available dogs?

Many of the dogs are not safe until they arrive in the USA. They can be taken or stolen from their rescuers so we can’t always post their photos online. Oftentimes we will share photos privately until a family is found.  If you are interested in being considered for a rescue, so please be sure to submit an application.

Please visit us on Facebook or Instagram @retrieverrescuelv. We all work full time so the website isn’t updated regularly.

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