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Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas (RRLV) was founded in Las Vegas, NV. by Danielle Roth -Lapolla and Jon Lapolla in 2019 and focuses on International Rescue Retrievers (and other breeds) RRLV’s goal is to save dogs in terrible situations overseas. RRLV is 100% volunteer based and we believe in making a difference one dog at a time and being the voice for the voiceless. We started this Rescue because we are aware of outrageous abuse happening in some overseas Countries and cases we saw crushed our hearts and made us think hard of what we can do to make a difference, even if it's one dog at a time. After volunteering throughout Las Vegas we wanted to not have to say no to non-purebred dogs and didn’t want to base our rescue on votes. We just want to save as many of the loving fury faces as we can and make a difference in the furbabies life furever. As you may know, in certain areas in the world dogs are treated differently and are often times faced with horrific outcomes of abuse and torture. After seeing this we just couldn’t say no to helping make a furever difference to stop the torture and animal cruelty.
Many breed specific dogs are being tortured and killed daily abroad because their blood is considered pure-the torture tenderizes the meat. Breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers -are at high risk. They are loving by nature -making them easier targets for Evil Meat Farms. The dogs we rescue are not simply meat to feed people because they are hungry. They are believed to be a delicacy and highly priced. These breeds are found in Meat Markets abroad being sold as meat while alive, which is not what our fight is; it is against the cruelty and abuse that is happening in many of these Dog meat farms is why we started focusing on saving these furbabies. We saw an opportunity to connect the dots saving these dogs and bringing them to homes who have been patiently waiting for a specific breed, age or temperament – Golden Retrievers (as many breeds) have such a loving temperament they don’t tend to carry their pasts with them long. We also bring in Retriever mixes and furbabies that we see will make good family members. Our fight is to end animal cruelty furever.
RRLV works directly with rescuers internationally who we trust and screened to ensure the dogs get temperament tested and receive proper health care prior to traveling to Las Vegas. We do not have a facility; we try to ensure the rescue furbaby has a home/foster prior to arriving in Las Vegas, NV. the rescue furbaby goes straight to a home which is referred to as a Foster with the intent to adopt (FWI). RRLV carefully watches to be sure the rescue dog and the family are a perfect match before the adoption.  All our Furbabies and their families are part of our family-we enjoy playdates, photos, events and regular updates.
RRLV is 100% volunteer based non-profit rescue group. RRLV rescue dogs are funded through donations and adoption donations. The average rescue dogs costs RRLV $1,000.00 which includes the overseas rescue, medical bills, shelter, boarding, vaccines, and travel. The adoption donations covers a fraction of RRLV costs. RRLV doesn’t have a facility or a housing shelter for the babies when they arrive; this means when a home is lined up a rescue dog, Foster with Intent (FWI) meet us when possible directly at the airport to greet the dog and be part of the furbaby Freedom steps. FWI takes the furbaby home with them for a trial period as FWI. Adoption is after it is mutually agreed between RRLV and FWI that the rescue is in the perfect home. We can only save more furbabies after we have donations and adoptions to cover another rescue.


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