Bo: Male Golden 1 yr Retriever. Cheonan Slaughter House Farm Rescue. Bo is is clearly terrified and has mange. He is in desperate need of love. If you can sponsor Bo please email us for full details.


Many of the dogs we rescue have extra medical costs or need rehabilitation. Please email ( if you or your company can sponsor a dog it could make the difference in the furbabies furever. Sponsorship ranges $500-$1,500. We can let you know the costs for the individual dogs and their story. We will also give you follow up stories and their forever progress and receipts for our expenses. Sponsoring helps to cover the on-going cost of caring for the furbaby. If you would like to sponsor a dog, it is easy! Each dog has a link for sponsorship or donating via Paypal, but we would love an email so we can provide full details. And please remember, that just because a dog already has a sponsor, does NOT mean that you can't sponsor the same dog!

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